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Alt Space X provides capable technical resource for the delivery and integration of large complex business systems. We supply personnel with skills developed through delivering a range of solutions for HMGov (DVLA, DEFRA, TfL, Home Office, MOD and other secure projects), demonstrating a deep understanding of the public sector as well as the technologies, policies, and business processes that drive it.


We have 13 years experience working in both “green field” and “brown field” technical estates, delivering new, replacement systems, as well as the improvement, adaptation and update of existing systems, and the integration of both into wider enterprises. We have been directly involved in defining the standards to which systems are built, the mechanisms through which they interact and the structure and format of data exchanged.


Alt Space X is a technically focused company, yet also provide the “soft skills” to engage with clients and users to understand their business, helping them to identify their requirements, mapping technology onto business needs and ultimately documenting and articulating their technical solution. We provide services ranging from simple consultancy and advice, through to full system architecture, documentation and delivery

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